How to conceal

The website that our group make is the website about selling makeup and show how to makeup. I would personally tell the customer which product to use when they want to cover their dark circle, blemish, or pimples.

The first step before anything is that they have to put on serum, which the serum that I would recommend is HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO SERUM from Channel, this serum is a water-light serum which it’s not sticky and give 24 hours moist to the skin. The second step that we have to apply is sunscreen Biore Uv AQUA rich, this sunscreen is watery mousse and water base, it won’t be sticky and not oily during the day. The third step is applying LE BLANC brightening makeup base this is considered the greatest base, this won’t make our face look heavy and cover a little bit of the redness on the face. Forth is applying a Maybelline pure mineral concealer. It’s a concealer that have a great quality and there are many shade of colour can be choose for different skin. Then apply concealer in a triangular shape under our eyes gently tap the concealer to make it blend then now you can see that dark circle is lighter. For the small spot like pimples advise to use Eucerin cover stick, this will allow you to apply on the specific spot and blend it out. The last step is to apply LE BLANC long lasting radiance powder, this power will also help to  cover the blemish even more and won’t make your face become too oily during the day. These five products will cover up the redness and pimple on the face. The price of the product we had chose is reasonable and matches the quality. Our shop allow the customer to pre-order the product we have mention.



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