Smokey Eyes

The makeup look that I will be teaching is Smokey eyes. It’s moments like Smokey Eyes dark by mouth nude pink and a look you can customize yourself with it. This should not be hard to put you audience to tune on it. Here we will look at it very well eye Smokey is purple sliver color. We will start a clean bass so that we have we use L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur Instance skin smoother. Just take a little bit help your skin look better.

The foundation used today is Nars Sheer Glow color FiJi. This will give me has little natural surface gloss it not too matt and next concealer that we use is Bare mineral Mineral Correcting with SPF 20 we using in the under eyes and the points. And will setting the foundation and concealer with powder. First, it will begin to take eyebrows at first. For eyes using the bass. Today we use to Vote Lorac Onge we will start with a purple first and want to try to V shape dark colors and more intense and blending on the edge with brush select both sides and goanna add Pewter color and use purple eye below it requests dark purple eyeliner below it. I thought made a little lower down so let’s make it a little lower than normal. It is luke Smokey eyes a sexy Smokey eyes and we want use a brush to spread into the socket and lower lash line because we have a general cloudiness along the edge of and add palette in black spread along the lash line and straight into the socket make it look a bit more depth here and blending again. Add bright colors Champagne Forum by using a smaller brush and use the light pink on the brow bone and finish for smokey eyes. Blush we will use Charlotte Tilbury Switch and pop Blusher color is First Love. The lipstick color Bouquet which Is pretty in pink we will use this together. The picture and trick I got it from Momay Pa Plearn I would like to give the credit to her.


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